Philosophy of Leadership

As a leader, I value honesty, dependability, respect, humility, hunger, emotional intelligence, and a team player.

I desire to serve my team in such a way that they are able to accomplish the tasks before them so that we, as a team, are able to accomplish the goals that are before us.

I believe that every ministry needs to have a mission, vision, and guiding principles and that every department or ministry within the organization exists to help the organization fulfill its mission. The mission is the tool that serves as a filter for new ideas, current practices, and future dreams. It is also the tool staff should use to set professional goals for their areas of involvement and/or oversight.

I believe in a team approach to leadership. I do not believe that every decision and idea should come from the top. Rather, I believe staff should know the boundaries of their position and have freedom to make decisions within those bounds.

I think there is wisdom in having a wide variety of meetings with staff and leadership that range from weekly one-on-one meetings with direct reports to off-site, day-long retreats, to evaluate current practices and discuss future direction.

I am a firm believer in continual leadership development. My own attempts to grow as a leader include attending conferences and reading books and articles from a wide variety of sources and backgrounds.

I believe that numeric metrics such as attendance and dollar amounts tell a story and should be a factor for decision-making but not the sole factor.

I disregard anonymous critical correspondence.

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